Regarding Spoilers in Comments

This is yuNS~

Despite my mini-writeup on my policy regarding spoilers, there were ‘low-key’ spoilers in the comments of volume 11, prologue of KonoSuba, which I have deleted.

As a reminder, in the release directly before that, I wrote the following:

– Please refrain from posting spoilers to unreleased content on the website. You are free to search for spoilers and summaries elsewhere, but please do not post it in the comments for everyone to see, as not everyone enjoys being spoiled. I’ve had several complaints about this already.
– Also, do not send spoilers to my email, as I don’t read more than 2-3 chapters ahead to preserve the reading experience; I believe that knowing too much is bad for translation quality. (e.g. knowing what happens next will make me misidentify foreshadowing when there isn’t.)

In short, don’t post spoilers, no matter how “low-key” they are. They affect my translation speed/quality as well as the enjoyment of other readers on the site.

If this continues to be a trend, I will consider comment or IP bans.

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