[MoriSubs] KonoSuba Season 2 Episode 11 (OVA)

The one man army Mori has subbed the Season 2 OVA!
Link to totally legal ‘fanime’ download here: LIIIIIIIIINNNNNKKKKK
BD Cover:IMG_0610.JPG

Box Cover:DCWbUvzUQAAe2Rf

29 thoughts on “[MoriSubs] KonoSuba Season 2 Episode 11 (OVA)

  1. Thank you so much! Also, Does anybody else think the characters’ eyes stare at you from every angle on the BD cover? Like the finger on the Uncle Sam recruiting posters?

  2. So, the diary was in Japanese writing in the beginning and in another writing in the end? Wasn’t diary of the same guy from Mobile Fortress Destroyer in Japanese writing? Why would he go back to using Japanese writing, to conceal information except from those who can read Japanese? Or just scenario mistake?

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