RokuAka Episode 10~!

Rip Volume 5 is being “adapted” so to speak. I guess I’m a bit of a LN supremacist, but everything is a bit rushed, as in, whole volumes are being adapted in 2-3 episodes, and a lot of events are changed/missing. They most definitely wanted to get to this arc, as we saw the flashback in the 1st episode for no real reason.

Anyway, for comparison, KonoSuba had 5 episodes per volume, and even then many events were removed from each volume (meeting Wiz, Kazuma’s adventure with Dust’s group, Kazuma’s excursion with Yunyun to name a few), so even without reading it’s not too hard to get an idea of how much they seem to have left out.

Mildly salty rant aside, the animation quality looks a bit better for this final arc.

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