(Release) [Shaved] Volume 1, Chapter 15. & Some Status Updates

Hey all, it’s been a real while.

Work has been the same as ever I guess.

Anyway, now that I’ve completed the latest ultimate raid in FFXIV and Atelier Ryza, I’ll be looking to put maybe around 3-5 hours per week into translation depending on my work schedule; so maybe more, maybe less.

As for status updates:
– Akashic Records: The chapter is done, but I’ll be coming back to this after Vol 1. of Shaved is finished. I’ll finish the Konosuba/Akashic chapters sometime in the interim.
– Fate/Prototype: I’ll likely be handing this off  to another translator after finishing Vol. 1 Act 3. If there’s enough of a log to release this on a regular schedule, I’ll look for an editor to help review the grammar and vocabulary.
– Shaved: (Un)surprisingly, an anime for this series has been announced! Given the type of series this is though, I’m hoping that it’ll be a series of 5-10 minute shorts, since I’m not sure how the series would be represented otherwise. I’ll continue trudging through this series until at least Vol. 2, at which point I’ll review the TLs of a few translator volunteers to possibly pass this series off to.


(Release) [Shaved] Volume 1, Chapter 14.

Hey all, it’s been a while.

Since started work, times have gotten a little more hectic and free time isn’t nearly as ample as before. Translation have been progressing fairly slowly, though I should finish the translation for chapter 15 fairly soon.

That being said, Yuuki, the earliest editor for the translation of this series, seems to have possibly come down with some grave sickness, so he hasn’t been able to edit for quite some time. I’ve been holding off the chapter for his return – and he has, but disappeared again soon after.

As for what’s to come, I’ll be posting chapters unedited by him and update it when he returns to edit! Xyi is still on-board, so at least there’s still someone catching my mistakes!

Anyways, as always, enjoy!


(Release) [Shaved] Volume 1, Chapter 12.

Hello world, it’s been a while.

So I’ve graduated now, yay \o/. I also have a job, so I guess I got that going for me too. In other news, the site’s been demonetized, which is kind of sad, but since I have a job now I guess I’ll survive regardless.

Coincidentally, it’s also Father’s Day! So Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! I guess this one’s for Yoshida too, in a sense.

Anyway, enjoy!


Quick Update

It’s been a month since the last post, so I figured I should post an update at least to let you guys know what’s going on.

Basically, it boils down to me graduating from college in less than a month and having a lot of work to do between now and then, something around the ballpark of 3 journal-length research papers and 2 final projects, and that’s not even counting the not-final end of the year exams and their actually-final counterparts.

So yeah, I’ll update when I can but I’ll be hard-pressed to commit meaningful time to translating.

Thanks friends,

(Release) [Shaved] Volume 1, Chapter 11.

Well, with this edited chapters have caught up to translated chapters. I planned for chapter 12 to be done translating sometime last week, but assignment deadlines are also pressing in. I’m graduating soon though, so there’s that I guess.


Anyway, thanks xyi and Yuuki for editing again, and thanks for reading!

つ ◕◕ ༽つ Give energy ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ


Translator: yuNS
Editors: Yuuki, xyi



(Release) [Shaved] Volume 1, Chapter 10.

This chapter was quite a bit longer than usual, plus, I didn’t get off my butt to finish the chapter until the day of intended release a while back.

Anyway, chapter 11 is in editing too!

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If you’d like

Also shoutout to @xyi for his punctuality unlike those whose aliases start with a certain set of two letters.

If you want to check out how a edited document looks, see here! I made the copy after I looked over a large chunks of the edits though so you’d have to scroll down to see the actual changes.

Anyway, here’s the chapter. Hopefully I’ll get done with chapter 12 tomorrow.


Translator: yuNS
Editors: Yuuki, xyi